Infected Follicle of Hair: A Look At The Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

In current days infected hair follicle is a common problem that is not serious, but it needs the appropriate treatment at an early stage. The infection is usually characterized by spots that develop at the base of the hair. These spots are usually pus-filled especially in the crop area. Mild cases of this infection can resolve without a major treatment, but antibiotic tablets and skin cream can also be used to speed up the healing process. If the infection recurs, the use of antiseptic skin washes can be the solution.

What causes it?

This infection is usually caused by a bacterial infection. This is a bacterium that is carried in the nose, but does not cause any problems. Above all, other germs can also be responsible for this infection. The infection is rampant at sites where there has been hair damage that has occurred as a result of shaving or any type of friction that causes blockage of the follicle. Another notable cause of this condition is excess sweating that occurs when the sweat glands have been overburdened. The use of creams on the face can also be a cause of follicle infection.

Which areas are mostly affected?

Just like any other type of infection, this follicle infection is rampant in some areas of the body where there is hair. In men, the beard area is the most affected when there is an infection. However, in both genders, this disease is common in the arms, buttocks, armpits and legs. It tends to target soft sites that have hair.


The signs and symptoms of this infection vary. This largely depends on the type of infection one is having. If this problem has affected the upper part of the hair, the following are the possible symptoms that the victim will experience:

  • A feeling of tenderness or itchiness.
  • The skin becomes red and there is an inflammation of the affected area.
  • There are pus filled bumpers on the hair follicles. This is followed by several clusters of small bumps that are red in color.
  • In some cases, there are blisters filled with pus that can crust or break open after some time.

If that problem has affected the entire hair follicle, the following are the symptoms that the victim is likely to experience:

  • A painful feeling
  • There will be a swollen bump that becomes larger with time
  • Blisters filled with pus that eventually break down
  • Scars are left even after the infection has healed.


It is mostly treated by applying moist heat that is applied alongside salt water. The use of saltwater compresses together with topical antibiotics can cure it. Patients are advised to clean the affected skin area using soap and clean water. In addition to this, the hands should be washed thoroughly so that the bacteria do not spread.

Infected follicle of hair that is mild can clear up without any treatment. However, there comes a time when home care measures to not give any positive results. In this case, a dermatologist should be involved. There are anti-fungal and antibiotic medications that will treat the infection and clear it.

Methods I Found For Dealing With Dry Flaky Skin On Face

Because of the fact that I was cursed with dry and flaky skin, I am always looking for new methods to deal with flaky dry skin on the face.

For instance, my most challenging section is the T zone, but many people struggle with dry and flaky skin on their chin or even neck.

Some of the best methods that I have found for dealing with this condition, I have found on the Internet. The Internet has many different blogs and forums which in able people who deal with this skin condition to gather and share their best tips and tricks.

For instance, one of the first things that I found out was that it is important to eliminate all irritants from my environment. This includes the clothes that I wear, because they brush against my face when I put them on. I had to switch to hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Another effective method that I learned was to wash my face frequently (at least twice a day) with a hypoallergenic cleanser. This seems counterintuitive, because it seems as if it would dry your skin out, but it works. If you want to know more about dry flaky skin, please check website.

4 Effective Ways on How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Stop Drinking

Quitting drinking alcohol is one of the most challenging affairs that an addicted alcoholic can actually attempt to do. This is because involves a wide range of sacrifices and needs strict firmness among many other aspects. It is important to understand that drinking too much alcohol can be very detrimental to your health, lifestyle, and relationships as well as affecting your job performance adversely. Here are some of these ideal approaches that you can integrate to make it possible for you to renounce drinking alcohol;


This is one of the best methods that can help any addicted alcoholic to cancel drinking alcohol completely. It is basically about undergoing a psychotherapeutic treatment that will help in reducing and stopping dependency of alcohol and other psychoactive drugs. There are several aspects that revolve around rehab that makes it one of the most efficient ways of stopping drinking alcohol. This is because the approaches used to help the casualty are very professional and carried out by qualified experts. Some of the activities carried out in rehab centers include counseling, cure for depression and other related disorders as well as sharing of the experience with other casualties.

Use of supplements

This is also another method that you can greatly help you to cease drinking alcohol. There are specific supplements that contain ingredients which help in stopping the craving for alcohol. Some of these supplements also help in quitting drinking because when taken, they cause adverse reaction with alcohol thus discouraging you from drinking alcohol. Some supplements can also enable you to feel better and block the drugged up feeling that people normally get from drinking alcohol. Therefore, it is advisable that you look for the suitable supplement that will help you to quit drinking relatively fast.


Another effective method on how to stop drinking alcohol is through recommended medications. This is ideal for those who have an unquestionable need for stopping drinking alcohol. There are specific drugs that can be given to the alcohol addict to help them in relinquishing crave for alcohol. These medications range from herbal to pharmaceutical drugs that can be taken in a wide range of ways such us through oral means or injections among many more. The medication for quitting drinking alcohol can be purchased from popular stores as well as from reputable online dealers.


This is basically a process of introducing other types of foods and non-alcoholic drinks and gradually withdrawing from the act of drinking alcohol. It is also an ideal approach because it does not involve a rigorous process apart from practicing behavior change. It essentially starts with steady eating of different types of foods or non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee as well as chewing gum most of the time to keep your mouth busy. This will greatly assist you to give up drinking because the desire for drinking will not be there given that your willing mouth will be busy most of the day.

It is important to understand that the beginning of stopping drinking alcohol is a personal decision and it needs determination for you to be successful.